Software by PMS



On this page, you can find links to some of my software that are currently available for download. 

FAMD can be found here. (FAMD's GbsPro is here.)

Software for phylogenetic shadowing used in the Schauer & al. 2009 paper can be found here.

Source code available for download. 

  • Delphi 32-bit to 64-bit bridge. Source: Delphi and x64 Assembly (MASM) here.

  • TExtendedX87: FPU-backed 80-bit Extended-precision floating point type for Delphi Win64. Source: Delphi x64 (+BASM) here.

  • fdist3: (Pascal-ported) slightly modified versions of Mark Beaumont's fdist2/dfdist packages for FST outlier scans; modified to accept large input files.

    Ongoing development. 

    biOP: bio-ObjectPascal/Delphi project (with C and R-level interfaces), focusing on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and ecological genomics data analysis and providing low-level support for common NGS/genetics file types: FASTA, FASTQ, SAM, BAM, VCF, BCF, GFF3, ABI, TSV, BGZF compression, for Win32/64, Linux32/64 and maybe even Mac... Once in a sufficiently presentable form, I'll put [more] files on sourceforge. If you are already interested in playing with it/contributing, please just drop me an e-mail.

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